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How It's Done

Finding out as much as I can about what you are doing, we can establish a script with professional writers if needed, but most projects can be completed by doing “conversational” sessions and taking the pertinent info from the resulting answers.  We can also hire onscreen talent if you prefer a personal representative. Your homework is often one page of questions. Keep it simple!

If it’s an event that we are documenting, I shoot in a very documentary fashion. No awkward poses. We work WITH your hired planner or photographer to obtain the footage.  My 25 years of experience helps us in finding the best angles and using the light to our best advantage, in a way that feels effortless for you!

20 Years, 15 Cameras, and Hundreds of Videos Later...

Mike got his start making demo reels for comedians while he was an assistant manager at the Brea Improv comedy club.  That turned into filming training videos, seminars, and eventually commercial projects.

His favorite class in film school was Documentary Film.  That’s why he loves wedding films.  He’s made over 900 of them.

Mike has been a filmmaker for more than twenty years. He loves it. He equally loves shooting and editing. He also loves having a good time, and feeling like he is making a difference for people.

Mike is easy to get along with, comfortable, and friendly, because he doesn’t have to worry about what comes next. He already knows. He’s been there.

He would love to be there for you, too.